Fuck Yeah Haim

Anonymous asked: Oh I just assumed it is Danielle because Alana and Este already have it, guess not? OOh what is Este;s second one I just know @jizziemcguire sorry I'm a newish fan just trying to find out more :)

No im 99% sure she stays away from most social media sites. Estes second one is Este Haim. She uses both. I think the jizziemcguire one is her main one, and the Este one is the one she set up since Haim got bigger :) 

Anonymous asked: Hello Just wondering if you could help me out on who runs @haimtheband their official twitter? Is it Danielle?

Hi! Im pretty sure its Alana. Este already has two, and I remember hearing somewhere that Danielle doesnt have her own coz she hates the sort of stuff. So im assuming its Alana. Hope this helps! x

Cyril Hahn’s amazing remix of Don’t Save Me.